10. Januar 2013

XXL Konad Stamp Image Plate

XXL Konad Stamp Image Plate

 Hey guys, 

that was my first stamping experience and I was pretty pleased with it.
I loved the fact how inexpencive it was and how many designs were on the plate.
The plate has got all the designs from the Konad plates M1 to M45.
In my oppinion the designs turn out to be more neat if you use stamping polishes but it does work with normal nail polishes as well.
I have to say that not all the images are perfectly transfering to the stamper but I think that it is still a good deal.

I got the plate from 

I would say that the shipping to germany took for about 4-5 weeks
and even when on the website it says to be the M46-M81 plate, I got the M1-M45 plate so you should be aware of that. I would suggest you email them before you order. 
The customer cervice was very nice and friendly, so you nedn't worry about that.

I think this website is a good alternative If you are interested in inexpencive nail art tools, clothes or jewelry :)

Have a nice day, Secretnail :)


  1. You are a blog !!! First, hahaha !
    More seriously, it's so so so so so cool !!!
    (pssst ! Your blog is .de... Are-you deutsch ?)

    1. Haha :D Finally someone who recognizes it :D
      Thank you :)

      Yea I'm german :)

    2. I saw the link on "Sushis nail" ! May-be, if you're talking about it on a video, everybody will come !!!